These do-it-yourself applications provide an easy-to-use process to submit locate requests (tickets) and revisions online instead of over the telephone. All you need to provide is an email address and general information pertaining to your excavation project or previous locate request. Blue Stakes will notify you by email confirmation once we have received and processed your request. The underground utility operators will be notified of your pending excavation and are allowed by law 48 hours (2 business days) to locate and mark their facilities and pharmacies before you may begin your excavation project. Some functionality may be limited on certain types of locate requests, like Meet and Emergency tickets.

Preparation is the key.

Review this page for information that will help you be prepared for creating a Locate Request.

Online Locate Requests

This function may be used to enter and submit a new locate request. Most requests submitted will be processed on the same business day, although requests received by Blue Stakes after 3:00 p.m. may be processed on the next business day. The locate request is not valid until you have received an e-mail confirmation from Blue Stakes delivered to the e-mail address provided.

Online Ticket Revision
(Replace Existing Ticket)
The functions below are available to anyone who has previously processed a locate request through Blue Stakes. Information from the original request CANNOT be modified or edited in any way. Please be aware that you must provide the ticket number and the phone number provided when the ticket was originally processed.

– UPDATEExtend the valid excavation period of an existing locate request for an additional 14 calendar days.
– RE-MARKRequest a re-mark of the original locate request if marks have been destroyed or compromised.
– CANCELCancel an existing locate request.
– NEWSubmit a new locate request containing the same information appearing on the original request.
– VIEWReview the information of any locate request processed within the last 350 days.

Online Ticket Duplication
(Create Duplicate Ticket)
This function may be used to submit a new locate request using another excavator’s existing locate request as a template. For example, this would allow a contractor to copy a ticket that was previously submitted by a general contractor or a homeowner. The contractor’s own company information can be submitted on the new ticket, while keeping all of the address information and staking instructions of the existing ticket being duplicated. Please be aware that you must provide the ticket number and the phone number provided when the ticket was originally processed in order to access the ticket to be duplicated.

NOTE: Blue Stakes provides additional online applications to assist excavators who process many locate requests or have complex locate requests. Reference the WEB ACCESS INFORMATION link for additional information on Blue Stakes Remote Access for Excavators (RTE & QTE) applications.

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